PBF Manufacturing Company, Inc.

Proudly Serving Our Customers Since 1975

PBF Manufacturing proudly supplies Funeral Homes, cemeteries and other casket manufacturers throughout Arizona, New Mexico, parts of Nevada, California, and Texas with quality products at a competitive price. We manufacture a full range of industry products including cloth-covered wood caskets, head panels, shipping containers, and other ancillary supplies. We also distribute metal caskets, hardwood caskets, cremation caskets, and burial vaults.



We offer a full range of caskets; metal, wood, cremation, and specialty products such as youth and over-sized. Products vary from stainless steel to gasketed and non-gasketed in multiple gauges, sizes, shapes and colors.

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Burial Vaults

With burial vaults you can offer your customers more choices for protecting their loved ones from the harsh effects of time, the elements, earthload and heavy equipment. All burial vault products are made from engineered materials that deliver superior performance, for the ultimate in strength and protection. Burial vault products are available in aesthetically pleasing styles and colors.

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Cremation Products

We offer a comprehensive group of cremation caskets, containers and urn vaults. We specialize in the needs of the cremation consumer by offering them a wide range of products to suit most any need. From caskets to liners to outer boxes and shipping containers, we have the products your families need to answer the growing increasing preference for cremation.

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Head Panels

PBF Manufacturing specializes in customizing your caskets to a family’s personal needs. From graphics to embroidering, we have the expertise to answer the call.

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Cremation Urns

PBF Manufacturing offers Cremation Urns and Jewelry from the leading companies in the US. We have an extensive product selection in both human and pet related items.

We offer catalogs from Terrybear, Passages, Love Urns and our very own PBF catalog, we have the products your establishment needs to answer the increasing preference for cremation. Click Here

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